As of September 1st 2017 the partnership of Stabile & Moshtael has been dissolved.
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Family Law

Orange County Family Law Attorneys & Divorce Lawyers

We Practice Divorce and Family Law Only; We Serve the Counties of Orange and Los Angeles

At Stabile & Moshtael we  have over 40 years of combined experience. We are in the heart of Orange County and we practice Divorce & Family Law exclusively. Contact us if you have a divorce or family law matter. We are here to help you.

Family Law

Why You Should Hire Stabile & Moshtael

When hiring a Divorce or Family Law lawyer you have to consider primarily their years of dedicated experience, the size of their firm, their hourly rate, their track result, the level of service they provide to their client. Basically we are talking about Cost, Performance, specific skill set and overall the way they treat their clients to ensure they know they are as not just an income source, a number that must be met. Clients are human beings.

The Level of Great Service

Considering with these factors, you will have a great experience working with Stabile & Moshtael because our clients have no interest in paying the exorbitant fees big firms require because we are able to provide the same level of service, deliver the results they would, but for a fraction of the cost and with higher level of personal care. We are very hands-on, we always show up prepared, we will prepare case plans for you, have strategic meetings together throughout the whole case and prep you for hearing. You are involved in as much as you can in an analytical, organized, and structure service. Unfortunately most law firms will simply not care as much.

Because We are Dependable

When clients work with us they realize very quickly we care and they understand they can show up to court without stress knowing we are there for them and we will fight to defend their rights and get them the best outcome we can. We are basically holding their hands throughout the entire process. For example our clients have direct access to us vis SMS, Calls or Email. If something comes up during off hours, or over weekends, holidays, they are confident they can reach their senior attorney to discuss their concerns. We are simply more attentive to our clients; we do not run our firm as a mill. Instead we are very selective as to the clients we work with and we are focused on providing the best service to each one of them.

Because We Care

We understand Divorce is very different from other areas of law and clients are different because they are going through difficult times. As a divorce lawyer we are expected to know Divorce Law, Contract Law, some Tax Law and Estate Planning, and somehow although we do not necessarily have the training for it we are also expected to understand people’s feelings and what they are going through. They are just not a number which is why we often think about how we approach a client based on where they are. We believe this methodology has led us to achieving great results for our clients.

Thomas Stabile & Navid Moshtael

Because We Offer Results & Performance.

While we cannot guarantee results, we certainly have a proven track record we are happy to share with anyone. Throughout the years we have helped countless clients achieve great outcomes with their Divorce, or Family Law matter. Due to the quality and level of preparation we put in the case as well the amount of strategic planning we engage in to affect the outcome of the case, to come up with alternative solutions, to try to attain the client’s objectives, the fact that the partners meet as needed to discuss progress of each case and the fact that multiple people are looking at the case with different experience and points of view, we are able as a team to come up with a strategy for that client.


Because of Our network

We have to take our client’s mental state in consideration and figure how we can share information concerning their case while being the least disturbing. We also have strategic partnerships with Family therapists who are available to provide service to our clients should they feel there is a need to do so. We also have partnerships with financial planners who can provide financial planning to clients allowing them to be in a good place at the end of their divorce, or help someone preserve their estate, and more.


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Your Family Law Team

Ineffective or underprepared legal counsel can be devastating in a Family Law case, both emotionally and financially. At Stabile & Moshtael, we ensure that you’re protected by dependable, prepared, expert representation, whether you’re initiating a divorce, seeking modifications or addressing a child custody or support dispute.

During your court case, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your Family Law attorney is well-prepared for every aspect of your divorce case. In many cases, a settlement may be reached, sparing the families stress, frustration and litigation costs.

If you find yourself in a position where you must defend yourself, your children, or your livelihood, there’s no better firm to have at your side than Stabile & Moshtael. We provide aggressive representation with the goal of ensuring that your rights and your children’s rights are protected in the final resolution, whether that’s by settlement or by litigation, if necessary.

Stabile & Moshtael are skilled and experienced in all areas of Family Law litigation and mediation and are well-respected in both the courts and their community. We offer a free consultation for those seeking legal representation. Contact us today to meet with one of our expert Family Law attorneys.

Orange County

How to Hire A Family Law Attorney in Orange County

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster. Some days are ok, some are bad. Combine impatience and emotions and you have a recipe for making many bad decisions. Some people will be under the proper type of care with a therapist, but many times they won’t be. One of the person that will be the closest to them during these moments is their divorce lawyer and this family law attorney can be the one person they will yell at all the time because that is the only person they can find. They are going through a lot and begin to rely increasingly on the lawyer, therefore it must to be the right type of relationship.

Gut Feel

It has to feel right on both sides. The family law lawyer should want to help and know they can help their client. The client has to want to work with their divorce lawyer and trust their skills.

Localized Knowledge

There are many family law lawyers, but one attribute you want to know is the extent to which your attorney knows the local courthouse, how many cases are in that county, how familiar are they with judges, the local procedures of the courthouse as opposed to the California procedures or the county procedures. Also relevant is the relationship your attorney has with other divorce attorneys because lawyers are human beings and unfortunately some will not put their personal issues aside in order to do what is right for their clients. A case that could be settled outside of court may turn into an expensive litigation not because the client and their spouse cannot come to an agreement, but because their attorneys won’t.


Every attorney will have some minimal knowledge of the law but you will want to look for someone who has ten or more years of experience. This will give them enough time to mature as an attorney and to understand the practice of law.


You will want an attorney who specializes in Family Law and moreover you should ask what areas of family law they specialize in. For example at Stabile & Moshtael some of our attorneys are extremely well versed with divorce or family law case with Complex Financial issues, while other attorneys are expert with Custody and International Custody issues.


It is also very important to find whether they practice family law only or do they mix it with Business Law, Workers’ Comp or other practice areas. You want to work with an attorney who focuses on Family Law exclusively. Regardless of what an attorney says, if they practice more than Family Law, you want to find another firm to work with.

Size of the Firm

Do you really need to go with a big firm. Probably not, they have multiple layers of people and every person who touches the file will be reflected on your monthly bill. This model means you are going to run out of money before you get anywhere near the end of the case. You won’t see much progress and when the money is out they will nicely throw you in the street. You want to find a small to mid-sized firm with attorneys and a staff that have a lot of experience from big firms who are not afraid of going against the big companies but they won’t charge you the same type of rate. On the other hand we do not recommend one guy without a receptionist or support staff.

Trial Experience

Most family law lawyers are good at negotiating agreements because most of the time they are able to settle outside of court. By consequence most are not comfortable inside the courtroom and they are not good divorce trial attorneys. They do not have the practice experience of civil litigation lawyers who are doing Procedure every day, show up in front of a judge and stick to the Evidence Code or the Code of Civil Procedure which are the legal weapons lawyers have available to them to ensure things are done in order in a specific way and they are predictable.

When hiring a family law lawyer, you want to hire someone who has no fear with respect to going to court and knows the Evidence Code and the Code of Civil Procedure needed to conduct a proper trial. You do not want someone who is going to just bill and convince you that you are going to win everything yet force you to settle a case at the last minute because they are afraid to go to trial.

At Stabile and Moshtael we are ready to trial any day of the week. We are not afraid to tell the other party their deal is unfair and we can go in front of a judge if they choose not to be fair.

This does not mean we do not try our best to settle the case, but rather we have the skillet to go to trial if we cannot settle. You need divorce attorneys with this ability otherwise you are doing yourself a disservice and forcing yourself to settle because your lawyer is not comfortable with the idea of going in front of a judge and fighting for you.

Plan of Action

When we say analytical we mean someone with a plan of action. At Stabile & Moshtael we seat with our clients and do case plans. We ask them what they hope to achieve realistically and we make a plan of action. Once agreed upon we go down the list and begin to check items off.


Look at their rates at see if it is consistent with other attorneys in your city.

More Attributes To Look For

You want your lawyer to be analytical, organized, responsive. The biggest complaint about lawyers is they are great at taking money but they are not good at return phone calls. At Stabile & Moshtael we make it a point to work on everything people do not like about attorneys. We respond to our clients within a business day whether they email, call, text, fax us. The attentiveness one puts into the file, how quickly they get back to you, how organized they are, how responsive they are, how critical they are are extremely important attributes of a great family law lawyer.

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