Child Support Attorney

When establishing a child support order, it’s important to ensure that the courts are aware of all factors that may affect the outcome of the order. Your attorney will assist you in gathering the necessary income and expense information, as well as other relevant details such as child care and health insurance costs. These key facts will assist in determining the proper amount of child support to be paid. Therefore, it’s vital that the courts have accurate and complete information. Your attorney from Stabile & Moshtael has decades of experience with these types of cases and can ensure that you’re fully prepared to supply the court with the right information to obtain the right result.

Post-nuptial Agreements Attorney

Many couples don’t choose to enter into nuptial agreements prior to marriage. However, some may come into substantial assets after the marriage and chose to draft a contract at that time. If you’re already married and would like to create a written post-nuptial agreement to settle your estate in the event of divorce, the attorneys at Stabile & Moshtael can help you create an agreement that meets all of your specifications. You may include all personal and business assets, as well as other stipulations to be followed in the event of a divorce. Our experienced attorneys can make this process easy and stress-free for parties looking for a practical solution to shared assets.